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Expert Tree Removal Services

Our committed and expert arborists can provide skilled tree removal services while keeping your property secure and maintaining its natural beauty. At a time when it’s a perfect chance to expel a branch, our arborists can pull it down safely and successfully. This will ensure the protection and magnificence of your yard.

As a reputable tree care service in Greensboro, NC, we can remove fallen trees due to storm destruction, unappealing trees, or ultimately, remove a tree for aesthetic purposes. Please consult one of our arborists to hear more about our tree removal and stump removal services.

Benefits Of Tree Removal

Growing trees in your yard can be very appealing and advantageous. Trees can provide shade and fresh air. They also can help maintain the soil from eroding. Trees can add beauty to your place, exceptionally when they are adequately cared for. They look gorgeous and majestic, and they make your landscape yard appealing. However, an old and rotting tree can cause more disadvantages than providing additional benefits. Below are the reasons why cutting down dead and rotting trees are beneficial:

A dead or decaying tree attracts predators and insects such as mice, ants, and termites. Infestation can increase rapidly, and this can affect healthy trees, particularly your home.

The need to remove as soon as possible dead trees from your vicinity is derived from the imminent threat that these trees may bring to your family and to your neighborhood.

The usual infestation that dead trees bring to your place is the immense growth of numbers of vermin. Vermin infestation is the result of rotten trees and shrubs being inhabited by vermin feeding on them. They cause awful smell and

It can produce fungi that may be detrimental to your health. It is for this reason that dead trees must be removed from your place as soon as possible.

Everybody wants their yard to be outwardly beautiful and appealing. However, seeing trees with no leaves at the end of the day, fragile roots and stripping bark doesn’t look nice.

Dead trees look ugly, and they’re disturbing the overall look of your yard. Nonetheless, it’s stylishly rewarding to expel a dead oak sometimes. Removing dead trees is a must for good reasons.

For reasons of aesthetics, removing dead trees from your yard can bring back the natural beauty of your place. It can also allow new trees to grow from the area of the quiet tree.

For health reasons, removing dead trees can cleanse the air surrounding you. Dead trees can cause awful smell brought about by the putrefied or rotten log or tree.

An infected tree could put the rest of the trees in your yard in jeopardy because the tree diseases are infectious. It will easily interact with the various plants and trees in your yard and infect them.

It is thereby causing the rapid deterioration of trees in your place. On these lines, we’re going to need to kill it before it gets contagious. Trees that are infected with diseases ought to be removed as soon as possible.

They should be cut down, and the rest be removed from your place. This is to ensure the well-being of the people around and the trees surrounding the sick tree.

The dead tree and its appendices are not secure because of how the more time out the tree and the greater danger of collapse. The weaker branches could tumble away at any time. It could pose a risk to you or your neighbor’s house.

Also, someone may be strolling near through possibly risking harm. Removing them from your yard is imperative; your place is your responsibility. And while you keep your area clean from any dangerous things that may harm others, we will assure you that we can do the job for you.

Well, indeed! As is widely said, planning is more manageable than fixing, but you can do it ahead of time. Getting a dead tree expelled before it falls will help you save a lot of cash.

It is essential to have it relocated to reduce additional costs, such as repairing your house due to the damage incurred by the falling tree.

Important Considerations Before Cutting Down A Tree

  • When the tree is dead
  • When the tree is sick or unhealthy or begins giving indications of rot.
  • When a tree is harmed past any fixes.
  • When a tree is becoming excessively near any infringed territories or homes.
  • When a tree is inclined towards houses, garage, or children’s play zones.
  • When a tree begins obstructing your view

Stages Of Tree Removal

Removing trees improperly can be hazardous to lives and properties, especially if the tree is large and close to your home.

Without the right equipment and knowledge, it could pose a significant risk to those involved. Thus, to safely remove dead or dying trees in your yard, it is best to entrust them to a professional tree removal service in Greensboro, NC.

The tree removal process is outlined below:

Keeping yourself safe through the entire removal process should be your topmost priority. The following tools are essential before you start cutting down or removing a tree:

  • Gloves
  • Hearing protector
  • Protective Helmet
  • Respirator
  • Leather boots with steel toes and ankle support

Clearing the area is an incredibly important step to take before the actual tree removal to ensure no children or pets are around. Inform the adults about what is about to happen in the area to stay away from the site.

While you are clearing the trees’ surrounding areas, you should mark the direction of where the tree will lay flat on the ground once it comes down.

Notice the tree’s natural leaning as this will help determine the most probable direction in which it would land. But, if you notice areas of decay, it could collapse easily and not fall where expected.

This unlikely scenario is why you should also work out an ana escape route in case of emergency. So, if a tree begins to fall out of control, you’ll have a clear path to run in the other direction. 

Cut through the tree at a flat angle to maintain an even cut. When you have created a hinge of about a tenth of the tree’s diameter, stop clipping.

After leaving the hinge, remove the ax or saw and make your way to your escape route. Please stay away from the tree until it falls entirely to the ground. Should the tree fall towards you, make a run for your second escape route.

Once the tree is cut, you still have to remove its stump. For others, they prefer to keep the stump, thinking that it’s not a huge concern anymore.

But, with a tree stump sitting around your yard over time, it can cause potential hazards like tripping on them, harboring pests and insects, and destroying drainage and sewages. Better safe than sorry, right? That’s why it’s safer that you remove the tree stump after the tree is cut.

Wildlife In Tree Hollows

We see how critical dead trees and hollows can be to wildlife. We inspect the hollows before expelling dead and even live trees to verify if the animals live in the hollows.

As a reputable tree care provider in Greensboro, NC, we have specific methods of expelling appendages or hollows safely and efficiently by getting them down to the ground, even with animals remaining within the hollows. We’re trying to ensure a safe relocation for animals.

Also, we have specialized methods of limiting the harm that our consumers may experience when cohabiting with local feral animals living in trees and shrubs by properly maintaining the trees surrounding the family and by removing dead trees and parts of the trees that may become in the long run as homes of unwanted insects and parasites.

Many people don’t realize that trees are not only an object of beautification or an enhancement in the look of any region, but they can also be an inconvenience. Below are the reasons why it is essential to cut a tree.

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